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  • Centre Console Armrest - 70 Series Store
  • Centre Console Armrest - 70 Series Store
  • Centre Console Armrest - 70 Series Store
  • Centre Console Armrest - 70 Series Store
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Centre Console Armrest

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Simplicity meets comfort

We all love the 70 Series LandCruisers for their simplicity. However, when you are undertaking some serious driving, a little extra comfort goes a long way. That is why the Centre Console Armrest just makes sense. 

The problem you will encounter with your stock centre console is that it does not adequately support your elbow while you are driving which reduces the drivers comfort level. As a result of this aftermarket modification your centre console is elevated by 12cm, aligning it  with the elbows of both the driver and passenger.  

A perfect fit

Through a long testing stage we were finally able to colour match the beautiful grey interior allowing the armrest to seamlessly fit into your LandCruiser without affecting the aesthetic. This has been accompanied with luxuriously soft cushioning and elbow support that you won't remember how you lived without. The flawless design even allows for a small margin of error with the addition of adjustable sides; this allows it to be installed into different vehicles that it otherwise wouldn't have been compatible with.

Solving problems

In addition to all of this we added two cup holders which are conveniently placed towards the front of the armrest for ease of access and an additional storage compartment, which provides a convenient place to store your wallet and other important items. Installation takes a matter of seconds by using the strap underneath to fasten it onto the lid of your stock centre console.

  • Only compatible with centre consoles that have a lid in 70 Series, 60 Series and 80 Series LandCruisers
  • Heavy-duty barrel hinge lid
  • Lifts centre console to your elbow
  • Extra storage compartment 
  • Two cup holders to keep your drinks secure
  • Non slip pads to prevent movement
  • High tensile anchor strap


The Centre Console Armrest is held on by this high tensile strap which prevents movement when installed correctly. 

  1. Open your centre console lid and slide the strap over.
  2. Loop the strap through the centre and back over like below.
  3. Pull till you reach the desired tightness.