Which 70 Series Land Cruiser Model is Right for You in Australia?

G'day, legends! So, you're in the market for a 70 Series Land Cruiser, eh? Mate, you're about to dive into a world of rugged adventures, red dust, and more choices than a servo snack aisle. Let's have a yarn about the different models and help you pick the one that's right for you.

Single Cab (WorkMate, GX, GXL):

  1. The Tradie's Mate: The Single Cab is tougher than a kangaroo's hide and built for the hard yakka. If you're a tradie hauling gear to the back of Bourke or towing like there's no tomorrow, this one's your true-blue mate.

  2. Basic Bloke Comforts: Inside might not be as plush as a penthouse suite, but it's got all the basics. No fancy frills here, just what you need to get the job done without breaking the bank.

  3. Your Choice of Grit: Whether you're after the entry-level WorkMate, the mid-range GX, or the fancier GXL, there's a Single Cab for every bloke with a blue-collar heart.

Double Cab (GX, GXL):

  1. Family-Friendly Adventure: Got a mob to ferry around? The Double Cab's got your back. With extra seats in the back, it's perfect for the family that's always up for a dusty weekend getaway.

  2. GXL Puts on the Ritz: Want a bit more comfort for the missus and ankle-biters? The GXL Double Cab's got you covered. It's got more bells and whistles than a game of two-up on Anzac Day.

Troop Carrier:

  1. The True Outback Explorer: The Troop Carrier is the true-blue outback wagon. Built for exploring the great unknown, it's the choice for those who hear the call of the wild and can't resist the dusty trails.

  2. No-Frills Nomad Living: Inside, it's all about space. No fancy dance here, just room for your gear and mates. It's like setting up camp in the bush – basic but bloody effective.

Wagon (GXL, GX):

  1. City Slicker with Bush Cred: The Wagon is the city slicker's ticket to outback cred. It's got the comfort for Monday meetings and the guts to tackle the toughest tracks come the weekend.

  2. GXL for the Luxe Life: Want a bit more luxe without sacrificing off-road prowess? The GXL Wagon is your go-to. It's got more features than a ute at a country show.

Which One's for You?

  1. The True Outback Warrior: If you're all about conquering the toughest tracks and sleeping under the stars, the Troop Carrier is your ride-or-die mate.

  2. Family Weekend Warrior: Got a tribe to wrangle? The Double Cab is your go-to for family adventures without skimping on the off-road action.

  3. Tradie or Solo Explorer: If your weekends involve more tools than toddlers, or you're a lone wolf chasing the horizon, the Single Cab is your no-nonsense companion.

  4. City to Bush: If you're after a rig that transitions from city streets to dusty trails with ease, the Wagon is the one. GXL if you're keen on a few extra comforts.

So there you have it, legends. The 70 Series Land Cruiser family – as diverse as a Sydney crowd on New Year's Eve. Pick the one that suits your style and start planning your next ripper adventure. Happy trails, legends!

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